It’s way more difficult for a Puerto Rican to get support from any one race. But I really don’t care. As Long as the Lord Jesus supports me. How bout them apples? Many people don’t even know what a Puerto Rican is…. Well, we’re African, Spaniard and Taino Indian from the Island of Puerto Rico. Three different races mixed into one. Where’s the minority vote on my behalf? Who’s really supporting me? Who’s really buying my jewelry? People would rather buy cheap ass jewelry made in China that’s gonna break after a few times of wearing it. That’s like continuing to eat at McDonald’s when you can have steak for just a little bit more. People buying jewelry that looks like the shit came from Michael’s arts and crafts and shit. Dudes wearing chains that look like they came from the Compton Swap meet.

Proudly presented by Uccellino®

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